Nautical #inktober a sailor and her boat cat
another inktober
a pair of helpful dogs
Catching up with inktober… This is going to be a fun month!
#inktober #doodle #illustration #dogs #ink
a few sketches for a comic I’m working on…I started the final year of my degree this week so things are super busy! juggling degree show projects and dissertation writing…. fun fun fun! (also apparently this is my 100th post! happy 100th!)
sad pets for an editorial illustration…
just practising with gouache again…
watercolour doodle…
I got some gouache! Now I’m trying to remember how to paint…
My workspace is all set up for art! I moved into my new flat last month, and I just got internet today (hence lack of updates!) I’m gonna try and have a productive month of doodling! Watch this space <3
All I’ve been posting is doodles recently- sorry! I will post some more finished drawings soon… For now, robots!
another daily doodle - the ugly duckling
Watched Leon again… such a good film… Here’s a doodle of Mathilda that doesn’t do Natalie Portman’s haircut justice!