All I’ve been posting is doodles recently- sorry! I will post some more finished drawings soon… For now, robots!
another daily doodle - the ugly duckling
Watched Leon again… such a good film… Here’s a doodle of Mathilda that doesn’t do Natalie Portman’s haircut justice!
mermaid and friend! (for today’s daily_doodle!)
just doodling! I think he’ll be called Henry, and that’s cashew the bear…
doodle doodle
just doodling for ‘daily_doodle' on twitter, the theme was 'space girl' - I need to keep drawing! I'm done with uni for the summer, hopefully I'll get lots of drawing/doodling done… watch this space…
Enough ink?! In progress… 12 pages still to finish for next week… Ahh…
I finally made myself a portfolio website! I feel professional now ;D  check it out! <3